Christmas Approaches

Christmas is approaching and I've been busy making a lot of jewellery for gifts, for family and friends.

So far I have made my mother a brooch, and until Friday night I had never made a brooch before. I've done my 'surrogate' mum a necklace with a pendant, which has her initials in it and matching earrings, and her daughter i've done a choker style necklace.

Tonight I've wrapped all the presents but up until today I have been so excited for Christmas. I am like a big kid, as soon as it hits December I get excited and start singing Christmas songs. The singing may explain the weather though.

For some reason the Christmas spirit left when I wrapped the presents. I hope it comes back soon. It's the work Christmas Party on Friday then next Friday as soon as I finish work I will be heading North to spend Christmas with my partner and his family. It will be weird not spending Christmas with my mum. The first Christmas ever away from my mum.

Hopefully next year I will see her on Christmas day.

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