I don't make things easy for myself do I?

First of all I made a lovely mookite bracelet but realised it was about 2" longer than it should have been and wouldn't fit anybody so I took it to bits and re-made it. This time it was too short and so I put an extender chain on, so that almost the whole back of the bracelet was chain. To be honest this looked really good.

I sold the bracelet to a lovely lady for a present to her mum. Unfortunately this would not fit the customer's mum so I brought the bracelet home again and have for the 3rd time now made this bracelet. It is about the same length as the one I started off with.

I can't help but laugh, if I don't laugh I would probably cry. I don't mind re-making but stupid me ended up making
it 3 times for it only to be exactly the same size as the original.

Being the nice person I am I also decorated a box so that it would make a nice enough gift without having to wrap it. I am proud of myself, it is the first time I've done anything like this. May even make it a regular process.

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