Slave Choker

I created a slave choker tonight. I have seen them around before and I actually really like the look of them and it is something I would wear on a daily basis.

I have a padlock, a decorative one and I have some chain, so why not try and make it.

Other than using the key there is no way out of the choker, it is literally to only be opened with a key. This would be fantastic for someone into a BDSM lifestyle. In my opinion it would make a great slave choker.

Rather than using a simple curb chain (and for the fact I have none in silver left) I decided to use a more decorative chain; what I like to call a figure of eight chain. As you can guess each link looks like a figure of eight.

There is no way I am getting rid of this choker. I have already fallen in love with it; in fact I fell in love with it months ago when I saw one originally. Never would I have thought of using a padlock, now I am wondering what else I can use.

The key I believe is going to go on a chain for my partner; though I think I may have to find a different type of chain for him as I don't think he would like a girly figure of eight necklace.

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