New Creations

So I actually decided to get my rear end into gear on Sunday night and finally managed to re-photograph everything as well as photograph all of the new creations I've made.

I sat there on Sunday with the idea in my head for a necklace and have been putting off making it for weeks. Finally I made it, but that was the last thing I made; before that I took an old bracelet I made apart as it was way too big for anyone. I thought it best to remake it, just slightly smaller so it would fit anyone.

A few months ago I brought two bit cardboard lids home from work, wanting to make a necklace stand so that when I photographed my work it would be better. Well I had other ideas for these. One to be used as the base and another as the backdrop.

Unfortunately I don't have white paper/card big enough to cover the base or the backdrop and joining 2 together would look awful, so I got my blanket and draped it over. To be honest it looked quite good.

The above image is my favourite. Deciding they needed editing because light in my flat is not the best I enhanced the light on the pictures and edited so the background was not taking attention away from the jewellery.

So far I've only managed to edit the most recent makes as the other designs all have old pictures up on the website already.

Can you guess what I'm going to be doing for the rest of this week. It takes ages to edit a picture so that it brings out the jewellery correctly. Having a dim picture in a dim room does nothing for the jewellery, you can't see the sparkle, the glow.

Hopefully I will have more items on the shop soon too, the new items to the collection have already been put up for sale.

I do love these pieces and would love them all to go to a great home. I would love to keep them all but know I just can't do that.

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