Well that has really peeved me off. I told him months ago about my friends wedding. He said he would go as he hasn't met any of my friends yet. Well today I was told, in fact I wasn't even told, I saw online he had made plans to go out drinking on that day.

I messaged him saying I would find another plus 1 to receive a message back basically saying he has forgotten. The message also said that he had received a huge bill and he has apologised for not being able to go.

Well now I'm irritated. Every month I go and see him and even his friends but rarely does he come to see me. I'm wondering now if I want to be in a relationship where I am the one doing all the chasing. I had a plan a few months ago, a plan which would see me out of debt now; well out of a lot of debt anyway.

Instead I am spending money I don't have on going to visit a boyfriend who lives a hundred miles away.

I think I have my priorities wrong and it may be time to do some thinking and reflecting.

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