What is it with people and food?

We've had this discussion at work a million times and I think we'll probably have the discussion a million times in the future too.

I love Offal and it seems to be I am in the minority. Liver and Kidney are two of my favourite things, either in a pie or on in a casserole; I just love the stuff. Nobody else I know will even try the stuff but why? What is so wrong with it?

It seems people will eat food that they don't know what it in it but won't eat something like offal. Sausages for instance, they do not have a 100% meat content in them, in fact a lot of sausages only have a fraction of meat in them yet people will still buy them and not know what else is in them. I have been around and looked at the meat content in them and big brands such as Walls do not have as much meat in them as Netto own brand but are a heck of a lot more expensive.

This goes for a lot of other things too. Tesco's own tinned tomatoes are a fraction of the price of branded ones yet looking at the label the branded ones have a lot more in them, colourings, preservatives, sugar etc. Why would I want to buy tinned tomatoes like that when I can buy Tesco's own for a fraction of the price and they are healthier.

I went shopping the other week and really fancied a steak and kidney pie. My local shop did not stock it, they stocked chicken pie and steak and gravy but not steak and kidney. I asked if they would get any in but they said no because they do not sell. This is stupid that people won't eat kidney.

We all have a kidney, we all have a liver and so why not eat them from other animals, after all we are willing to eat the meat from another animal. Why should we kill an animal just for one section of them, that in my opinion is a waste and is cruel. If we indeed kill animals to eat then we should eat the whole thing.

I have never been a fussy eater and usually eat any food that is put in front of me, but I am fussy when it comes to the amount of sugars, preservatives and un-natural product put in them. I do eat take-away food and fast food but I know that they aren't healthy. I don't pretend that I am buying something and it is good for me. When I do buy something, even tinned food I look for the healthiest, the least artificial preservatives in them.

People really should stop being so fussy when it comes to food, and they really should stop kidding themselves when they think they are buying healthy when they are clearly not. I do not like people who criticise my taste in food when they are stuffing their faces with take away curries which is so unhealthy, the amount of salt an indian curry has in it is unimaginable.

Does anyone else have a problem with eating food such as offal? Does anyone else buy own brands after looking at labels and realising they are better for you?

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