I have to apologise to everyone for not being around lately, I have had quite a busy social life and have had a week off work and away from home.

A couple of weeks ago I did manage to make a bangle, some ear-rings, necklace and a few other bits and pieces but have not had the time to photograph them.

I have the cardboard at home but I keep meaning to make a necklace stand for the purpose of photographing them. First of all though I need to clean my flat and organise everything; at the minute everything is scattered around.

The night before I travelled up north to Darlington I started making a pair of ear-rings, of course using only the best materials (925 stirling silver) but I needed to use the glue on them so didn't finish them. I daren't finish them off while the glue was still tacky, last time I did that they fell to bits.

Hopefully on Monday night I can finish them off.

I did have an idea for another necklace but now I can't remember what it is..... oh damn, well I will just have to hope I remember the idea.

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