The days

It is official, I am counting down the days until I get a whole 10 days off work to go and see my gorgeous other half.

I will be spending 10 days in Darlington with him enjoying his company and most likely watching sport.

I went to Rob's this weekend and I froze so I have decided seeing as I have just over 2 weeks before I am there for just over a week I am going to dig out my winter clothes just so I don't freeze. Obviously I'm not getting out all of the jumpers in September but I will be getting out the long sleeve tops and finding socks to wear with my boots.

I can't wait until I get to spend the week with him. We had planned on going to London but he starts a new job just before my week there so can't afford to take load of time off. Instead we'll relax at home, go out on a night and generally have fun there.

I am gutted we aren't going to London but it's not too bad, after all London isn't really going anywhere is it?

I have to save money anyway as I have been invited away for Christmas with his family. I am so excited; Christmas with my family is boring and like any other day, his family know how to celebrate..... yay going away for Christmas, I so can't wait for that.

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